Welcome to API Pemilu, a civic information API for the 2014 elections and beyond!

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What is API Pemilu?

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Developers are using API Pemilu to build mobile and web applications; find and try the apps at pemiluapps.org.

How you can develop an application using API Pemilu

If you want to develop an app using the API, you can find the developer site here: http://developer.pemiluapi.org/

You can register for an API key there, or use this free key: fea6f7d9ec0b31e256a673114792cb17

We recommend that you register for your own key if you're going to use the API for a production app.

Documentation for the API endpoints is here: http://developer.pemiluapi.org/endpoints

How you can contribute to API Pemilu

API Pemilu is a completely open-source project. You can find all the code for the API at our GitHub organization page. You can also find and downoad all the raw data in the API from the pemilu-data respository there.

If you'd like to contribute, look for projects that interest you, fork the code, and submit a pull request. Build your own app using the API and tell us about it, as other developers have done. Look for open issues on any repository and help us fix them. Or open issues on any repository where you find bugs, mistakes, or opportunities for improvement. The API can be its best with a committed community of developers and citizens dedicated to keeping it current, accurate and useful.

What's available now on API Pemilu

All the data served through the API is available for download from the pemilu-data repository on GitHub.


Through the legislative Candidate API endpoint, you can access information about all 7,552 DPR and DPD candidates (including photos and biographical information), as well as more than 20,000 DPRD I candidates.


With the Geographic API endpoint, you can get a list of candidates based on an exact location, and you have access to detailed and current maps of Indonesian electoral districts, provinces, kabupaten/kota, and kecamatan.

Laws & Regulations and Elections FAQ

Using the Laws & Regulations and the Pemilu FAQ API endpoints, you can find answers to common questions about the election, with references and quotations from the regulations where appropriate.


Through the Incumbent API endpoint, you can learn more about the current members of the DPD and DPR.

News & Information

And with the News & Information API endpoint, you can get the most recent and relevant election-related news.

And there's much more coming!

When you use API Pemilu, you'll be getting free, open, current and verified information about the election and government. Build something interesting and tell us all about it!